This week I wanna talk about the three types of categories Facebook has for audiences that you can create within the Facebook ads manager. So there are three categories.

Facebook Audiences

The first one is a saved audience. Now, if you're used to clicking the boost button, and you add peoples who are interested in certain products or certain people or maybe a little bit about demographics, things like that, this is called a saved audience. So that's category one.

The second category is called a custom audience. Now custom audience could be people who visit your website, could be your database of clients and prospects. It could be your Facebook page or Instagram followers. There's a whole variety of custom audiences. But basically, this is an audience that involves your business somehow.

And the third category is called a lookalike audience. And a lookalike audience is a group of people or an audience of people who Facebook believes have similar attributes to a custom audience that you set it. So if you say create a lookalike audience based on my website visitors, Facebook will look at your website visitors and then go find people with similar attributes to your website visitors. So those are the three categories.

What is the difference between Facebook saved, custom and lookalike audiences?

This Week's Topic: What is the difference between Facebook saved, custom and lookalike audiences?Get more free tips at

Posted by JR Media on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

There are lots and lots of variation within those three categories, but hopefully, that clears the air between the difference of a saved audience, a custom audience, and a lookalike audience.

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