Is your business taking full advantage of the three different types of Facebook audiences when running your Facebook ads.

There's a saved audience, a custom audience, and a lookalike audience.

Facebook Audiences:

1. Saved audience

A saved audience is the audiences that most people use but never move away from. A saved audience is where you enter people's demographics and interests.

2. Custom audience

A custom audience is a group of people who have already interacted in your business with your business in some way. Perhaps they visited your website or watched a video on your Facebook page or interacted in some way on your Instagram or Facebook page accounts.

3. Lookalike audience

A lookalike audience is like the bigger, stronger, better looking big brother of a saved audience because when you create a lookalike audience, you select a custom audience (remember these are people who already interact with your business) and Facebook takes that data and find other people with similar attributes and interests to your custom audience.

Using a look-a-like audience can help you get your ads in front of your competitor's clients!

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