Friends, I have a confession to make.

I am always harping on about a video to my clients that they include video content in their Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies if they are to grow their business'.

It can sometimes be difficult and uncomfortable to put yourself out there on video, but when you start to create content CONSISTENTLY and the message that you deliver is VALUABLE and helps people MOVE FORWARD with their lives

That's how you become AN EXPERT.

That's how you build your brand.

And that's how people start to trust you and your business.

To help you get started, here are my top 4 tips on marketing your business on Facebook using videos. 

1. Prepare for your video

  • Think about what you want to talk about before recording – write some dot points down!
  • Take a deep breath, relax and just go
  • Stuff ups are ok – the sooner you accept this the easier it will be to record more videos – mistakes are what makes us human!

2. Prepare for your video

  • Almost 80% of people watch videos on social media without sound*
  • Adding subtitles are a crucial way to deliver your message without sound
  • Create your subtitles yourself or use a third partywebsite like –
  • Email me if you would like a ‘how to video' on adding subtitles to your Facebook videos.

3. Types of Video Content

  • You don't always have to speak on camera to engage your audience
  • Other types of video content include:
    • Go behind the scenes of your business – show people how things are made, what your office culture is like, meet the team etc.
    • Be really transparent about how your business operates
    • Take a video of a customer using your product or giving a testimonial about how much easier their life is because they engaged in your services.
  • These are powerful ways to build an audience of potential clients and create engagement on your Facebook page.

4. Paid video advertising

The reason why I love using video as part of my Facebook advertising campaign is because it creates a powerful way for you to prequalify your target audience.

  • Create a custom audience of people who watch 50% or more of your videos
  • Re-target this audience with another Facebook ad with either a blog post, an offer or another video.

Do you still need a little guidance to take full advantage of all that Facebook offers and want someone to sit down and explain it all to you…in plain English?  

Then it's time to book your first Facebook Marketing Coaching Session with me!



In every coaching session, you will receive practical Facebook Marketing or Advertising Strategies to help grow your business – or I will refund your money.

*Fact Source: 78.2% of all video views were autoplayed while only 21.8% of all views were clicked-to-play sound. –