Facebook accreditation. It was probably the most surreal, unusual, interesting and unbelievably freakish experiences of my life.

In Facebook-land, it’s called ‘accreditation!’

Now I’ve sat for some pretty tough exams, written lengthy assignments and had my fair share of strict teachers, but nothing had prepared me for this.

Facebook accreditation

As someone who is a self-confessed sponge when it comes to learning all I can about Facebook, especially Facebook advertising, I jumped at the chance to delve even deeper into this fascinating world.

I wanted to be a pioneer, to go where no woman had gone before, to triumph over those faceless Facebook test-setters and earn myself that accreditation.

Ok, so that’s a bit dramatic.

What I really wanted was to learn as much as I could so I could share that information with my clients to help them in their business. Facebook accreditation means I have proven to be competent in buying Facebook ads… and not just someone who can push that little blue boost button!

So I paid my enrolment fee, did an online ‘core competency’ test and was sent the date and instructions for my real test.

The day arrived and I was a little nervous, but confident. I had achieved a high mark on the pre-test and was looking forward to doing the real one.

My computer was set up in my office, the family were asleep and I was ready to begin.

Enter… the secret squirrel.

I don’t remember his name and I never saw his face, but his voice will stay with me forever. It was only a voice, no skype, no avatar, no image; a real person with a serious, monotone, no-mucking-around-in-my-class kinda voice.

‘The voice’ instructed me to get up and walk around with my webcam, aiming it into all areas of the room – the ceiling, floor, walls, cupboards, drawers, under my desk. He was watching through the camera. I did as he asked.

I understand they want to make sure there’s nobody hiding there, or I have answers plastered to the ceiling.

Next I was instructed to take the camera under and around my computer and over the desk where I was to do the exam.

Yes, that makes sense. I could have notes tucked in there. I had to clear away all pens, paper, notepads, books… everything. My desk never looked cleaner!

My husband keeps an old TV – a very old TV – in my office. The voice needed me to show that the TV wasn’t plugged into the wall. What tha?? How was I going to receive answers through a 1970’s TV? But I complied.

Then the voice wanted to see what was up my sleeves.

Hmmm… alright, magicians keep things up their sleeves.

And the fronts and backs of my hands… to check for tiny pieces of information I might have written (or tattooed) there for reference!

I was starting to worry if my investment had been misspent… and where I’d have to put the camera next, when I was told I could sit down at my computer and begin.


The test itself consisted of a series of questions. I was going along nicely when about half way through I had a question that stumped me momentarily. As one does, I put my hand over my mouth, thinking, concentrating, until the voice startled me, booming out of my computer speakers,

“Jessica! Take your hand off your mouth!”

Yes, even though I couldn’t see him, he was watching my every move.

Throughout the whole process my computer was completely locked by a program I had to download for the exam. I was to have no interruptions (hence the sleeping family) had to keep my face in front of the computer screen at all times and there were to be no toilet breaks! I didn’t ask what would happen if I needed to go. I just made sure I didn’t!

I finished in good time and signed off without so much as a ‘Good luck Jess’ from the voice.

Despite the creepiness of it all, I realised this is the future of online exams. As for the content, I learned some great tips and tricks (nothing up my sleeve though) about Facebook and Facebook advertising that will be of great value to my clients. I also discovered loads of new buying techniques that will be applicable to larger companies.

After waiting only a few seconds my results were in. I had passed with flying colours. Yay! I celebrated by putting everything back on my desk and covering up my video, just in case the voice had taken a weird shine to me.

I can now proudly display my badge of honour. I had achieved accreditation as a competent buyer of Facebook ads AND survived the secret squirrel test too!

It was an interesting process and I am quite chuffed to know I am in a rather exclusive ‘club’ as not many people make the grade.

There is one more badge to attain so I may have another appointment with the voice again very soon. Click here to view my accreditation