You spend a lot of time creating content to post on your Facebook business page, but is it reaching the right people?

Facebook has come up with an easy option: The Boost Button.

Ta da!!

You pay Facebook and they’ll show your content to more people.

Sounds simple enough, so why all the fuss?

To put it bluntly, clicking the Boost Button is Beginners Level Facebook Advertising.

Remember the ‘powers that be’ at Facebook want one thing – your money.

They’ll keep waving that little ‘boost your post’ message at you at every opportunity.

And it can be very tempting just to click it and hope for the best.

What they haven’t told you is that they want your foot in the advertising door and boosting is that door.

Facebook has purposefully decreased the organic reach for business pages. I’ll say that again… in bold this time:

Facebook has decreased the organic reach for business pages!

If we aren't “boosting” or running sponsored Facebook ads, I can guarantee that same small group of people are seeing your Facebook posts over and over again.

Take my page for example – if I don’t advertise or boost posts, the only people that will see my weekly tip videos will be my Mum, my Dad, my brother, my sister and a handful of close friends– all the people who are already on my page supporting me.

The same handful of people, every single time.

So it is necessary to spend a little money.

(To learn more how much to spend click here)

We don't need to boost every post, just on the ones that add value and help you build your brand better.

Relying solely on Facebook organic reach won't grow your business…fast.

There is hope.

By simply avoiding these 5 mistakes I outline in my book you are already 10x ahead of most local businesses I talk to!

Download this book and move that needle a little further forward when it comes to cost-effectively promoting your local business on Facebook.

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