Wow, how crazy is our world right now?

I am sure; the BIG C has killed your priorities and there is nothing we can do other than adapt.

Let's face it, running a local business in today's climate is going to be a bit sh*t for a while.

But we will get through this, stronger and wiser.

It has never been more important to REACH YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS ONLINE.

Facebook advertising is not just for large organisations marketing themselves nationwide.

It works for us little guys too.

And it is time you jumped on the bandwagon.

Recently I worked with the childcare provider.

It was a brand new business.

The doors hadn't even opened yet and they approached me to help connect with their local community and promote their services on Facebook and Instagram.

Over a six month period, we work together working hard on developing and implementing a Facebook marketing strategy that would portray the business as brand and personality and give the new business are real fighting chance and becoming a success within the community.

Being a childcare provider. Ideally, the people who would use that service would live within five kilometres of that business address.

So as you can imagine, our Facebook audience wasn't very large over the six months of consistently advertising.

By the time the doors opened, that childcare provider was 80% full.

What a fantastic result for a business that hadn't even opened yet.

You can have the same success promoting your local business on Facebook, you just need the right tools!

Let me support you.

Wednesday, 8th April I am now running an ONLINE Facebook Page and Ads training day.

Not only will I meet attendees via Zoom to share with you the tools to successful Facebook advertising, all my attendees will also now receive access to my online course to watch in their leisure time – which you may soon have a lot of!

Our new reality is here…I hope you can join me :-)

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