Have you noticed the “New Facebook” update on your desktop or laptop?

I sense your eyes rolling already.

and I feel your pain.

It's so frustrating to finally get your head around how to use something and then have it change on you so dramatically.

Facebook doesn't make these changes to annoy us – in fact, every update is an attempt to make things easier for us so that we spend LONGER on the platform.


So they can show you more ads and make more money!

This new layout is a complete makeover with a cleaner, more simplified look.

It was so simplified that I struggled to find how to access Ads Manager! 

and I thought that if I was struggling to find it, then I'm assuming you are too!

Click to watch my 30 second tutorial on how to access Ads Manager using New Facebook!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the “New Facebook” let me know by posting a message on my Facebook Page!