If you are a pathological Facebook booster then you need to read this…

After recent discussions with my  clients, I soon learnt that their Facebook marketing strategy has been simply clicking on the Boost button and paying Facebook a sum of money.

In my experience, clicking the boost button without having a strategy behind WHY you’re boosting the post…that boost button mind as well say “DONATE HERE” because that’s what you’re doing.

You’re telling Facebook, I don’t really mind WHO see my post, I just want MORE people to see it.

Some reasons why you might boost a post might be:

1. You want to “social proof” your post before you strategically advertise it out to your ideal buyer or audience. Social proof is – likes, comments, shares etc on the post – it can help improve the relevancy score of your advertisement.

2. You want to build your ‘engagement audiences’ on your page. This is a custom audience within Facebook Ad Manager that you can create which is an audience of your most active followers. You may want to advertise a special offer to these people and/or encourage this audience to your website.

BUT – if you are just pressing the boost button without a follow through strategy, then you are donating your money to Facebook!

If you are interested in learning how to go behind the Boost button, visit Facebook Blueprint – there are heaps of free training videos there for you to educate yourself and become a better booster.

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