My Beef with the Boost Button

Warning…upcoming rant!

I have a beef with Facebook's boost button!

I HATE IT with a passion!

and I'm equally passionate about sharing why I hate it.


Let's face it.

If you want more than 1% of your Facebook page followers to see the content from your business on Facebook, we all need to spend a little bit of money.

But my beef with the boost button is because clicking on the boost button is a little bit like playing with the pokies.

It might pay out occasionally, but most of the time, we're just losing. As business owners, we need to learn how to play the slots on Facebook.

Now if you'd like to be a better booster, this week's freebie is a quick start guide on how to be a better booster.

Now I'm not talking about going onto Ads Manager and doing ads properly.

This is just taking that little step further from knowing what to boost and when to boost.

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