I want to talk about fungus.
If you're eating right now – I apologise in advance. 
My daughter; Emilia has been suffering from fungus growing underneath her toes – on and off for years (like athletes foot)
Like any good parent, you try everything in your power to rid your child of this problem.
I am using four different creams on her, daily – because I am not getting the results I desire fast enough.
Recently, I've noticed that one of these creams is working. But which one?
Because I'm doing a poor job applying all four creams  – my problem is better but not solved.

So, how do I know which cream is working?

I have to slowly cut one cream out, one and a time – and wait for the problem to get worse before I can make it better.
Much like any form of marketing (traditional or digital) – if we do all the things (aka apply all the creams) but don't do a very good job on them all – the problem may get better, but it may not get solved.
What can you do to figure out what is working – so that you can do more of that one thing?
No one wants the fungus back!
This is why testing, measurements and planning are so important.
Move slowly and most of all have patience.

Learn from my mistake – apply just one cream at a time.

When that activity works (or doesn't) then consider adding another new way of marketing your business into the mix.
Then, just like antifungal cream – when you find the one that works — repeat, repeat, repeat.
Until next time my fungus friends,