How to find the target audience for a Facebook ad or boosted post?

When it comes to finding the target audience for a Facebook ad, as advertisers we first need to know who our ideal client is, intimately.


Much like a dating profile, we should know our ideal client's likes, dislikes & whether they like pina coladas and dancing in the rain BEFORE we send them our love message (in this case, our Facebook ads or boosted post)


Facebook's ability to target people by what they are interested in, is what sets them apart from other digital advertising platforms.

The technology is so intelligent, that we no longer need to waste our money showing people our content if they have no interest in what we are sharing.

Just like on a dating site, we don't need to waste our time or money meeting people who don't match our own interests and values.

This week's freebie is a questionnaire that will help create a ‘dating profile' for your ideal client.

This is the first step in my 5 step process for researching what interests to select so that you can reduce your ad costs and ensure your ads are ONLY been seen by your ideal clients.

    Download Your Freebie - List of Questions to Help You Identify Your Ideal Client. This Questionnaire will help you identify what interests to enter when running boosted posts or Facebook ads so that you can show your ads to the right people!

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