How I turned this untrustworthy profession into a trusted thought leader using local business marketing


Local Business Marketing relies on building the “Know, Like, Trust” factor amongst people who live in your community.

Do you know which profession is one of the least trusted amongst locals?

If you guessed –> real estate agents. Then you guessed right!

But, I'm only generalising here!

Because of this generalisation; agents have to work very hard to build the “Know, Like, Trust” factor amongst their community in order to be successful.

Which makes Facebook & Instagram the perfect platforms to assist them with their local business marketing.

Watch as I explain how to turn this untrusted profession into one of the most trusted, thought leader for their local community.

Local business marketing is changing in a BIG way. Everyone has been affected by these extraordinary times. The way locals do business with you has changed forever.

Those businesses who ramp up their marketing (social & traditional) to the locals living within their community will and are recovering faster, than those who don't.

It's not too late to get on board, in fact, it is vital that you do, or you may be left behind as your customers become more social savvy than ever before.

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To support you, I encourage you to read my free guide: 5 common mistakes local business owners make and how to avoid them.

In it you'll learn local business marketing tips:

  • The difference between a boosted post and a sponsored post
  • 5 common advertising mistakes local businesses make
  • How you can avoid them