Using effective Facebook audiences first requires an understanding of warm, cold and hot audiences.

There is a strategy behind how to use Facebook audiences and once you understand this concept, you'll be able to effectively use Facebook audiences to drive better results for your Facebook ads.

You may have heard this concept from other digital marketers, but I bet you've never had it explained to you quite like this.

The other day I was at the beach enjoying a Streets Cornetto ice cream.

For those who don't know what it is, it's a delicious frozen dessert with nuts, crunchy waffle cone and a chocolate surprise at the tip of the cone.

Being the ‘tech' nerd that I am, whilst eating this ice cream it got me thinking about the concept of hot, warm and cold audiences.

Cold Facebook audience: Here is where you'll find the most nuts.

It consists of people who have never heard or seen anything from your business before. They are seeing your ads for the first time, so go easy on them and avoid going in with a hard sell. Here, you often get a few nuts who can leave negative or ‘smart alec' comments on your ads. When you run Facebook ads, you're bound to run into a few nuts.

Warm Facebook Audience: Pure Icecream

This audience consists of people who have engaged with your Facebook page, Facebook ads &/or visited your website. They have had some kind of interaction with your business before – big or small. These people need to be nurtured so that they can continue down your icecream cone.

Hot Facebook Audience: Your solid chocolate tip

This Facebook audience includes people who ready to buy. They have opt-in to an offer or joined your mailing list. They've eaten your solid chocolate tip and want more. These people you can ask to buy from you with confidence.


I hope you now have a better understanding on how do you use Facebook audiences.

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