Facebook Christmas Advertising

Every year is the same… as soon as 1st November hits – The shopping centres are blasting Christmas carols, decorations are up and business' are working extra hard to get our attention.

I can't walk through a Westfield Shopping Centre during November or December without being stopped by someone in a pop up kiosk trying to sell me something ~ it drives me bonkers!

It really is the “silly season”

Unfortunately, advertising on Facebook during this time is no different.

In fact, the last quarter of the year is always more expensive to run Facebook Ads simply because more businesses are taking advantage of the gift giving season.

So what can you do to remain competitive and keep advertising cost-effectively during this silly season?

Download my Facebook “silly season” campaign cheatsheet to find out!

(Warning, these strategies are a little more advanced, if you're just getting started with FB ads I recommend you check out my other freebies first)

    Download Your Freebie - Facebook "Silly Season" Campaign Strategy Cheatsheet

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