Which is better, Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

Now I'm no Google Ad expert, by all means, but the way Google and Facebook target their ideal clients are completely different.

Google targets people based on what they're typing into the search button at that very moment.

Whereas Facebook targets people based on their interests and the activities that they run on their profile.

Google ads facebook ads

So for example, if you're Googling soccer classes for kids, all right, so you'll find instantly classes for soccer.

Where if you look up soccer on Facebook and your interested in things like that you might not be necessary in the buying moment but you're showing Facebook that you're interested in it.

So the good thing about Google is it does capture people in the buying moment, whereas Facebook it's more of a slower nurture process.

Google, however, to purchase keywords, and be considered, the cost per click can be as expensive as $60.

And I think the $60 if for the insurance company, companies, that sort of industry.

Whereas Facebook you can get cost per click for a dollar, or up to $3, is getting a little bit expensive but I've done ad campaigns where I've gotten clicks for 20 cents, 25 cents, so its a lot cheaper on Facebook to get people to visit your website than it is in Google Ad Words.

The good thing about Google is they're capturing people in the moment, the buying mode moment, whereas Facebook they're not necessarily there to buy.

So the nurturing process may take a little bit longer.

I haven't really answered your question, but hopefully, I've given you some information to consider. Which type of ads would be best for you and your business.