Facebook Boost Post & Sponsored Ads Cost

Last month, I had the pleasure of presenting to a beautiful group of businesswomen.

We talked about the difference between a boosted post and a sponsored post (if you don't know, click here) & what expectations local businesses should set when advertising on Facebook.

A great question I got asked at the event was…

Does Facebook boosted posts cost the same as sponsored posts?

& my answer…

The price of Facebook ads dramatically depends on these three questions:

  • How much are you prepared to pay? (i.e. your bid)
  • What you want people to do? (e.g. watch a video, go to your website)
  • How well is your audience responding? (e.g. commenting, sharing, clicking)In a nutshell, this is how Facebook's algorithm determines who sees what ad.

This same principle applies regardless of whether it's a boosted post or a sponsored post.

Facebook wants to provide a personal and positive experience for its users.

Facebook advertisers like you and me, who are small and local business owners are not Facebook's priority because its priority lies with its users.

If Facebook doesn't have users, there'll be no one to show ads to.

So it wants to make sure that the ads that they are showing to its users are relevant and being responded to well so that those users will continue to use Facebook.

If we were going to compare apples with apples, then yes, in theory, sponsored ads and boosted posts should cost the same.

I can't recommend highly enough that local businesses such as yourself, start learning how to use Facebook ads via the ads manager and throw that boost button out for good.

Quite simply, it's because Facebook ads manager gives you so much more options on what you can do with your ads so that you can get more cost-effective results.

If you want to dip your toe into learning how to set up ads via ads manager, I have a checklist that will help you get more exposure to your existing Facebook page posts.

But we're going to set these up via ads manager.

It's a step by step checklist on how to set these up, and I highly recommend that you go ahead and download.