Today I wanna talk about short-termism.

Now, a common mistake that I see local businesses make all the time is that they suffer from short-termism. Now, short-termism is when we have a fantastic idea, we put all our energy into this idea or a platform, such as Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn.

We put all our effort into it. We work really hard, but we only work really hard for a short amount of time because something new and shiny comes along and we get distracted and we go off and do that.

And when all that effort, we look back at all that effort and we don't see results, we blame the platform or we blame the idea that we just had. But especially with Facebook, things take time. It's not going to take one Facebook ad or one Facebook boost for four days for $20.

People aren't going to run to your door using that sort of strategy. Business owners like yourselves need to first know why they're advertising on Facebook and also have a plan in place on how they're gonna get people off Facebook and talking to them.

Now, I'm in production of organising an online course specifically for service-based businesses or brick and mortar businesses, and it's all about building a strategy, learning how to advertise properly through Facebook Ads Manager, and being cost-effective and smart about your Facebook marketing.

If you'd like to get in on the ground level with this online course and have access to my early pre-launch pricing, please send me your email, and I'll keep you in the loop. I'm going to launch it in June.

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