I often get asked, Jess, do you recommend having two Facebook profiles? One for your friends and family, and one for your business connections. Now, if you had asked me a few weeks ago, I would have said no. Why bother?

It’s way too hard to manage two Facebook profiles, just stick with one. But the other day, I had someone who I don’t know very well go through my Facebook profile, and like some really old pictures that I had posted on Facebook.

Now, I’ve been on Facebook for 10 years. So 10 years ago, I was in my early 20’s doing what people in your early 20’s do. Going out with friends, having a good time, and then posting those experiences on Facebook.

So, when I saw this person going through my content that was so long ago, I felt a little bit uncomfortable about sharing that aspect of my life with someone that I didn’t know. So, that made me decide that I wanted to create two different profiles.

One, for my friends and family, and one for everybody else. So, how do I differ from the two? Well, it’s quite simple. If I’m prepared to invite someone to my home, share a meal, share a conversation, maybe go out to coffee, and share my life with that person, they join my friends and family.

Everybody else, goes to my professional Facebook profile. At least when I have a professional Facebook profile, I’m still gonna share personal aspects of my life, because I wanna show people that I’m human and I’m approachable, but I control what they see. If that makes sense? And, I only share what I’m comfortable with.

So, there is no right or wrong answer. It really comes down to what you’re prepared to show the rest of the world, and share with the rest of the world. I hope this helps, and if you have any questions, please pop them in the comments below.

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