Facebook accreditation

The secret squirrel world of Facebook accreditation

Facebook accreditation. It was probably the most surreal, unusual, interesting and unbelievably freakish experiences of my life.In Facebook-land, it’s called ‘accreditation!’Now I’ve sat for some pretty tough exams, written…
online bullying

How I SHOULD have handled online bullying

It really took me by surprise. One minute I was having a happy, productive, stress-free working day and the next I was a quivering mess full of doubt, fear, and negativity.... all because of two comments!As you probably know,…
JR Media Jessica Ricketts Facebook advertising

My Beef with the Boost Button

If you’re a Facebook boost addict – you can’t leave that little blue button alone and you’re frustrated because you’re not seeing an increase in sales or clients, but you don’t know what else to do, then you need to read this…You…
Facebook advertising jargon

Facebook advertising jargon - getting your head around it all!

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on all the Facebook jargon, you decide to do some Facebook advertising and discover a whole new world of jargon.  There is certainly a bit to get your head around, but it (mostly) makes sense.…