This week's tip, Facebook Business Manager, what is it and do I need it?

Well, Business Manager is another Facebook console in the back end of Facebook which allows people to manage quite easily multiple Facebook pages, multiple ad accounts, and multiple Facebook pixels.

It's ideally created for people working within an agency like myself who manages lots of clients and those accounts for and on behalf of others.

However, it could work for you if you own a business that has multiple locations and lots of staff members that you need to quickly and easily allocate Facebook page access to, for example.

However, if you only have one ad account and one Facebook page, I highly recommend that you avoid Business Manager altogether because it is a little bit complicated.

And I have noticed that when I connect my Facebook page to Facebook's Business Manager that I do have trouble managing my Facebook page on my mobile using Facebook Page Manager's Page Manager app.

So if you manage multiple ad accounts, multiple pages, and multiple staff, consider Facebook's Business Manager. But if you only manage one account and one page, I'd steer clear from it. I hope this helps.

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