Well…as the old saying goes. If I can't beat them…I'll join them!

deep breath Jess…

If you're going to boost your Facebook posts…(i.e. and not use Ads Manager to create more cost-effective, targeted ads)

It's OK, we can still be friends…

Do me a favour and avoid this simple but common mistake!

These 90 seconds might save you a lot of moolar!

One of the biggest mistakes I see when business owners are boosting their Facebook posts is with setting up their geographic targeting.

Instead of just promoting their business to a small radius of the population around Brisbane city, for example, they're pushing their ads and money out to the whole state!

That one little Facebook post is now been shown in Cairns, in Townsville, Port Douglas – everywhere that business doesn't want to be seen and that is just money down the toliet.

Next time you boost a Facebook post, pay close attention to where your ads are been shown geographically.

Make sure it's where you want to be seen.

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