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Freebie: Facebook Christmas Campaign Strategy

The last quarter of the year is ALWAYS the most expensive time to run Facebook Ads. Why? Imagine every business trying to use Facebook Ads to take advantage of consumers looking for gifts ideas at Christmas…because that is exactly what happens. There are only so many placements available to show people ads on Facebook. So […]

Facebook Advertising Get More Expensive Around Christmas

Every year is the same… as soon as 1st November hits – The shopping centres are blasting Christmas carols, decorations are up and business’ are working extra hard to get our attention. I can’t walk through a Westfield Shopping Centre during November or December without being stopped by someone in a pop up kiosk trying […]

Do I Need to Hire a Facebook Advertising Expert?

This week’s tip, you do not need to fork out your life savings in order to have someone manage your Facebook ads for you. The reality is if you’re not a big spender on Facebook ads, hiring an expert to manage the ads for you is unlikely to be cost-effective for your business. So there […]

Freebie: Handling Negative Responses (Free Templates)

It doesn’t matter what you are doing online, if you put yourself and your business out for the world to see, unfortunately, you run the risk of being trolled. Heck, if Mother Theresa had an online presence…I reckon she’d get trolled…HARD. If this happens to you, the first step is to take a deep breath. […]

Is Facebook Dying?

A burning question I get asked almost every week is: “Is Facebook Dying and should I move my business to other social media platforms??” and the answer is…for some people…yes. The truth is, if your ideal client is 25 years or younger, then yes, Facebook for them is dying. Do you know why? Because their […]

Freebie: Identify Your Ideal Client

Like overly curious parents, stalking their children on social media…it’s vital as business owners to know who are ideal clients are and where they hang out. So that we can be there too! To help you get started, download your free list of questions which will help you identify who your ideal client is and […]

Freebie: Quick Start Guide to Better Facebook Boosting

We could all learn a few tips about being better Facebook Boosters. Now I’m not talking about going onto Ads Manager and doing ads properly (although, when you a ready to learn, I am here for you). This is just taking that little step further from knowing what to boost, when to boost and who […]

My Beef with the Boost Button!

Warning…upcoming rant! I have a beef with Facebook’s boost button! I HATE IT with a passion! and I’m equally passionate about sharing why I hate it.   Let’s face it. If you want more than 1% of your Facebook page followers to see the content from your business on Facebook, we all need to spend a little […]

Freebie: ‘Call Now’ Facebook Ad Checklist

What if I told you, that Facebook could help you to increase the number of calls into your business? Would be interested? (Ah heck yes!) This Facebook ad strategy encourages people to dial your business number, straight off Facebook. Download my free step by step checklist on how to set up a Click to Call […]