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Do you suffer from short-termism?

Today I wanna talk about short-termism. Now, a common mistake that I see local businesses make all the time is that they suffer from short-termism. Now, short-termism is when we have a fantastic idea, we put all our energy into this idea or a platform, such as Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn. We put all […]

Business Manager – What is it and Do I need it?

This week’s tip, Facebook Business Manager, what is it and do I need it? Well, Business Manager is another Facebook console in the back end of Facebook which allows people to manage quite easily multiple Facebook pages, multiple ad accounts, and multiple Facebook pixels. It’s ideally created for people working within an agency like myself […]

Do I need two facebook profiles?

I often get asked, Jess, do you recommend having two Facebook profiles? One for your friends and family, and one for your business connections. Now, if you had asked me a few weeks ago, I would have said no. Why bother? It’s way too hard to manage two Facebook profiles, just stick with one. But […]

How to increase your page engagement?

This week’s tip. How do I increase engagement on my business Facebook page? Well, we all know that Facebook reduces our organic reach when it comes to pages, and what that means is how many people see our page posts for free. So it is difficult to increase engagement on your Facebook page for free […]