Like most Real Estate Agents, you’ve probably been investing in letterbox drops for years, with varying degrees of success. I’m about to show you how Facebook Advertising not only works way better, it is I believe THE most effective form of advertising for the Real Estate industry.

There are many reasons for it. Facebook advertising saves Real Estate Agents time and money (do I have your attention now) and it allows you to precisely target your market to reach the buyers and sellers you’re searching for.

Do Facebook Ads Work for Real Estate Agents?

Here are the five reasons most Real Estate Agents are giving letterbox drops the flick and heading online to a smarter, easier way to advertise.

Oh and feel free to skip to point #5. When I share that, most agents start knocking down my door… and not with a flyer in their hand!

  1. Cost effective  Let’s say you print up a thousand glossy brochures. The cost of printing would be around 15cents each – $150. That’s not including design costs. Then you have to pay someone to walk the streets and deliver them (and trust they don’t dump half of them in the nearest wheelie bin!) It would cost you way more than $150 all up, but let’s just use that as a figure. If instead you invested that $150 into *Facebook advertising, not only would your message reach way more than 1,000 people, but you would be targeting your ideal clients – those considering selling their homes or buying a property. It makes more sense to market only to people who are genuinely interested in real estate. You’ll see a real life cost example in point #5.
  2. Time effective  You may decide to take those flyers out yourself and hand-deliver them from letterbox to letterbox.  That might be a great way to get fit, but not an ideal use of your time. But you already know that!Your time is valuable, and better spent in the air conditioned comfort of your office talking with your sellers and buyers instead of pounding the pavement in the hot sun. Did you know you can actually target those same streets and suburbs with Facebook advertising?  The beauty of Facebook advertising is it’s working for you 24/7. It’s reaching your potentials sellers and buyers when they’re on their phone on the train, sweating it out at the gym, taking a break from the housework, or doing a bit of sneaky social media at work! Your ads appear when people are relaxing at home or away on holidays. Talk about time effective – they never stop marketing for you!
  3. Repetitive messaging  A printed letterbox flyer gets looked at once (if you’re lucky) then thrown away. Most never make it into the house, going straight into the recycle bin. You only have one chance to reach someone in those few seconds when they clear out their letterbox. They usually on their way home and are tired after a day at work, from shopping or picking up the kids. That’s not an ideal time and such a narrow window to grab their attention and hope to get your message across.With Facebook advertising you have the opportunity to show your ad to the same person many times. Once they land on your website, you can then ‘follow them’ by using tracking cookies that continue marketing to them online. You’ve probably had that happen to you. You go online to look for a product and from then on you keep seeing the same ads everywhere. Such is the power of Facebook advertising.
  4. Change it up  Once you print up your letterbox flyers, you’re stuck with them. Facebook advertising gives you the ability to test different ads to see what works best to attract your ideal clients. It may be just a slight change to the headline, a different photo or a variation in the call to action. Small modifications can reap big rewards.The more you use Facebook ads, the more you will learn how to drill down and find out EXACTLY who is clicking on your ads. This allows you to direct your advertising campaigns even more to reach them.
  5. Targeted advertising  Stats show your letterbox flyers will be read by less than one percent of people. One percent might be ok if only you had a way of finding out WHO that one percent was! But you have no way of knowing unless they decide to call you. It’s real pot luck advertising.Now here’s the bit you really want to get.Recently I used Facebook Advertising to list a property for sale in Brisbane on behalf of my client. I spent $500 and reached – wait for it – 17,515 people! And here’s the sweetest part – these people weren’t just your average Joe. They were living in the local area and in the market to buy property. How does it get any better than that? Here’s how…The ad was seen 38,066 times over 30 days. The Real Estate Agent’s web page received 1,053 views of the advertised property AND each view cost the agent just 0.47 cents! Now ask yourself, how long would it take for you to drop your flyers into over 17,000 homes? Oh and that’s 17,000 homes of people who are in the market for a property.

Start Facebook Advertising today

I imagine you’re just a little excited about not having to waste money on letterbox flyers … ever again. But where do you begin to launch yourself into the wonderful world of Facebook advertising?

Did you know that JR Media can advertise your listings on Facebook & Instagram?

Everything is done for you – all you need to do is provide us with the property details, images and or/videos. We’ll even provide you with a written report, branded with your agency’s logo for your vendors!

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*Note: certain factors need to be considered before determining the actual reach potential for a $150 Facebook ad spend.