Let me explain the number one reason why Facebook ads don't work.

The other day I was rushing into my local Coles to pick up some nappies (I was down to my last one, so it was an emergency)

I was deep in thought – “nappies, I need nappies, Oliver, please don't poop in your last nappy right now…I need nappies”

I was a mum on a mission.

Then like out of nowhere I was stopped by one of those electricity representatives in a pop-up kiosk.

“Can I ask you a question?;” they asked.

We all know that when a random asks you if they can “ask you a question” – it generally means they want to sell you something.

But my mind wasn't thinking about getting a better deal on electricity – I was thinking about getting those darn nappies!!

I felt a little frustrated by the interruption, smiled politely and kept on walking.

This experience is the ‘real-life' version of being shown Facebook ads that don't relate or interest your target audience.

You can have the best Facebook ads set up and I'm talking best images, best videos, best websites, best email copy, text headlines etc but if you don't have this one thing, it will fail.


If we don't have our audiences set up just right, then the best Facebook ads in the world are likely to fail and it's generally the number one reason why Facebook ads don't work the way my clients expected.

What businesses need to do is dig deeper and think about who they want to show their ads to, who are their ideal clients.

This week's freebie is a questionnaire that will support you to avoid showing your Facebook ads to the wrong audience.

This is the first step in my 5 step process for researching what interests to select when boosting or setting up Facebook ads.

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